Diamond Technical Services acquires Amyouny Thread Gage

Amyouny Thread Gage

We have an exciting announcement!

We are pleased to announce that Diamond Technical Services has recently acquired Amyouny Thread Gage – a local, highly respected, ISO 9001 registered repair services provider specializing in all thread related products.

Started by Joseph Amyouny in 1965, his legacy has been carried on for over 40 years by his three daughters (Maryanne, Linda and Karen). The Amyouny Thread Gage company has been supplying their customers with excellent service, knowledge and materials to help businesses run smoothly and efficiently.

Diamond Technical Services, an ISO17025:2005 accredited calibration company, already with an extensive Scope of Accreditation, will integrate the specialty calibration and repair services provided by Amyouny and offer this to their current customers.

The net effect of this acquisition will be an increased level of services offered to both the existing Amyouny and Diamond Technical customers – making it easier and more cost effective for our customers to meet their overall calibration program requirements.