Technical Support
Diamond Technical Services understands that problems and issues cost money. Unexpected downtime, equipment failure, or even safety concerns and hazards, need resolution fast.  Our staff of engineers and technicians listen to your problem or concern and work hard to develop a solution.  In most cases, we are able to implement a resolution fast and efficiently.  Please contact us with a detailed description of the problem or concern and a level of urgency and we will work with you and your staff to reach a resolution in a timely fashion. For most support needs, simply call us at 508 887 8874 and ask to speak to one of our support personnel.

In support of your business,  we catalog all of your instruments, equipment and tools that require calibration into a database called DataView.   DataView allows us and permits you to manage your calibration requirements and develop a pro-active schedule so you stay compliant.  Our scheduler will send you a list of equipment that is due for calibration each month so you can properly plan downtime and equipment availability.  We provide free access to your DataView device information to help you better manage your business.   To use DataView, you’ll need to have a username and a password, so contact us and we’ll get these setup for you.

If you need help getting started using DataView, see the DataView Quick Start Guide to get you acquainted with this convenient, easy way to view your device data online, anytime, anywhere there’s Internet access and a browser.