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DTS specializes in performing Temperature Uniformity Surveys on ovens and furnaces in accordance with various national and customer-specific standards and requirements such as AMS 2750-E and Bell Helicopter BPS4416C.


In recent years, NADCAP has – for some of it processes – referred back to AMS 2750 Rev. E for its Temperature Uniformity Survey requirements. Thus, the ability to meet the requirements of the AMS 2750 Rev. E specification has become even more important and far reaching for many of our customers.

AMS 2750 Rev. E

DTS has created a Temperature Uniformity Survey procedure and subsequent report that fully conforms to the requirements for AMS 2750 Rev. E.

In July 2012, the SAE Technical Standards Board published the revised Aerospace Material Specification “AMS 2750” to its current revision – Rev. E. This revision included major changes to the procedures, accuracies, tolerances, frequencies, and subsequent report format.

DTS took a proactive stance to this revision, and worked with our client base in order to ensure our customers’ compliance to the revised specification. This required a complete review of customer ovens / furnaces, including work zone within the device, operating temperature ranges, material temperature requirements — virtually every aspect of the device and all materials processed through them. DTS reviewed this information and then presented a recommended plan per oven / furnace that would need to be implemented in order to meet the new Revision E of AMS 2750.

The result – every customer passed the new requirements successfully.

This Means:

If your critical oven or furnace equipment absolutely must adhere to these standards and pass these new requirements, you can be certain that DTS will work with you to make it so. We can help with procedures and reports both for your specific standards and for the new requirements — even as they change over time.


See sample TUS graph and report below





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